01/2020—V3 Release





DyDx tokens are coming to Radar!

  1. We have added an additional type query parameter to our /v2/markets endpoint. In order to return short token markets you can now do:

  2. You can now trade sETH30/DAI – which is currently the sETH 10/30 DyDx position. Trading a DyDx short token is the same functionality as any other token, however, the tokens price is inversely correlated. Visit to learn more. (edited)


  • The active query parameter on the /markets endpoint has been changed to sort, which accepts the following inputs: 'active' to sort by active markets, or 'name' to sort alphabetically. Using active=true|false will continue to work as expected, but may be removed in the future.

  • We now include the orderHash in the SRA order book endpoint:

  • We have removed the initial welcome message from the 0x SRA WS API.

10/2018—V2 Release



  • v2/markets

    • To reduce the overall response size a new include parameter was added to the markets endpoint and the number of parameters on the base response was reduced. The markets endpoint response is now broken down into: base, ticker, stats, and history. If the include parameter is excluded, this endpoint will now return an array of RadarMarketBase objects.

  • v2/markets/{id}/ticker

    • Updates to response schema: See RadarTicker

      • Renamed bid to bestBid

      • Renamed ask to bestAsk

      • Added spreadPercentage

      • Removed volume parameter from interface

  • v2/markets/{id}/history

    • New endpoint

  • v2/markets/{id}/stats

    • New endpoint

  • v2/markets/{id}/fills

    • Updates to response schema: See RadarFill

      • Added outlier parameter to interface

      • Added type parameter to interface

      • Renamed maker to makerAddress on interface

      • Renamed taker to takerAddress on interface

      • Renamed paidMakerFee to makerFeePaid

      • Renamed paidTakerFee to takerFeePaid

      • Renamed feeRecipient to feeRecipientAddress

  • v2/markets/{id}/candles

    • Updates to response schema: See RadarCandle

      • Removed baseTokenAddresses from interface

      • Removed quoteTokenAddresses from interface

  • v2/markets/{id}/book